WANTAI Steel Structure has worked hand in hand with farmers to design and produce high quality agricultural related steel structures. Whether you need steel farm buildings for livestock, grain storage, equipment repair or any other agricultural use, you can depend on us. Designed with clear span interiors from 30' to 300', you will be able to maximize the use of your metal farm building without worrying about any posts or interior obstructions. WANTAI engineer can design your building to accommodate any size or shape of door, so you can get all your large equipment under one roof. Because there are no cords or webbed trusses in our steel building design you will not have to worry about insects, or vermin nesting in the rafters of your steel building. You can also save up to 40% on your fire insurance costs compared with traditional wooden buildings.

Agricultural facilities:

Agriculture shed

Farm Equipment Storage

Steel Barns

Chicken house


Pig house


Various kinds of greenhouse:

Multistoried cropping,

Automatic sprinkler,

Greening facilities

WANTAI's range of processing in agricultural facilities:

Design /Fabrication/Surface Treatment /Detailing /Packing & Delivery/Erection.

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