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Infrastructure construction is an important factor reflecting a country's level of economic development and national wealth. A good infrastructure layout can greatly improve the efficiency of social production and national life. WANTAI has been engaged in providing high-quality steel structure processing solutions for various infrastructure buildings since its early stage

In infrastructure unit, all kinds of commercial center of the complexity of the building because of its design and application, is also a core content in the field of steel structure in construction, WANTAI can according to different engineering plan, based on drawings and customer requirements, to develop different steel structure processing solutions, manufacturing cost control and efficiency of construction is WANTAI steel structure one of the core content of the solution

In addition, WANTAI steel structure has been committed to the processing of steel structure in the field of multi-storey (super) high-rise steel structure building, and has been working hard with famous universities and research institutes to accumulate processing experience from large-span light steel structure and multi-storey steel structure to commercial buildings, office buildings, residential buildings and other high-rise buildings

Steel structures provide a range of architectural applications to create a unique solution for a single client and project. Please browse the following different project types. For more information on product features please contact WANTAI for assistance

    • Prefabricated Office Buildings

    • Prefabricated Hotel Buildings

    • Prefabricated Restaurant Buildings

    • Prefabricated Social Complex

    • Prefabricated Showroom and Sales Office

    • Prefabricated School Buildings

    • Prefabricated Health Facilities

    • Prefabricated Military Buildings

    • Prefabricated Emergency Establishments

    • Prefabricated Site Buildings

    • Prefabricated WC & Shower Buildings

    • Civil engineering steel structures

    • Pre-Engineered Steel Structures

    • Steel fabrication for airport

    • Steel fabrication for railway station/

    • Steel fabrication for exhibition Centre/

    • Steel fabrication for museum

    • Steel fabrication for metro

WANTAI's range of processing in infrastructure construction:

Design /Fabrication/Provide supporting facilities /Detailing /Packing & Delivery/Sub- contractor

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