• Maggie Miao

The Technology of Steel Structure Construction

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

The steel structure construction industry has been developing in full swing for ten years, but there are still many difficulties and problems in the process:


Steel structure building is a systematic project, involving a series of links such as preliminary scheme design, construction drawing design, production of parts and components, procurement of supporting materials and construction process flow. At present, in the process of research and development, each enterprise may only involve one or two directions according to its own advantages, resulting in the research and development of the building system is not serialized and cannot be smooth the transition from land to industrialization.


The supporting specifications are not perfect, and it is difficult for the new system and new parts developed by the enterprise to be put into the market. The main reason is that the specifications lag behind the R & D pace of the enterprise. It is better to issue relevant regulations on rapid application, so that the R & D results can be quickly converted into practical application.


Need a long-term perspective. In order to realize the industrialization of steel structure building, it is necessary to carry out short-term, medium-term and long-term planning, and realize the industrialization process step by step. In the near future, parts and supporting materials of traditional steel structure buildings will be developed. In the medium term, building system and assembly research will be carried out. In the long term, research and development results in the early stage will be summarized and improved, and large-scale application will be carried out.


The development of steel structure building system should integrate the structure system, enclosure system, equipment system, decoration and field installation, and should be developed and applied at the height of industrialization.

5. Research and development direction and priority

o At present, there are many kinds of structural forms and systems in steel structure building system, each of which has certain application space and scope. In the field of low multi-storey building system, cold-formed thin-walled steel has been widely used in the market due to its advantages of low steel consumption, high assembly rate and relatively perfect supporting industrial chain.

o In the field of small and high-rise buildings, the structural system of steel frame and cold-formed thin-walled steel can be used, which is currently in the stage of research and development and promotion.

o In the field of high-rise buildings, R & D is relatively lacking at present. From the perspective of foreign development, some key technical problems have not been solved, which may take a relatively long time to promote.

o We can start from the field of low-rise and multi-storey buildings, carry out large-scale industrial promotion, accumulate experience, and gradually apply the research and development results to the field of high-rise steel structure. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of industrialization of the whole system of steel structure buildings step by step, from easy to difficult. At the same time, only by means of market rather than administrative orders can we mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of enterprise development to achieve the goal of industrialization.


In order to develop the localization of steel structure buildings, it is necessary to promote the cultural traditions, living habits and living conditions of different regions, and develop a product system suitable for the local needs of different economic conditions. For the cold-formed thin-walled steel structure system, it is necessary to carry out overall development, from modular houses with high assembly rate to integrated houses with medium assembly rate to integrated houses on site, to have a complete set of product system, technical system and patented parts, and to have the conditions for large-scale industrialization.

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