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Bridge steel structure solution

Steel structure bridge is an important part of WANTAI which is proud to be able to provide customers with high quality bridge steel structure products that meet their requirements.

For different bridge load, span and types, WANTAI can provide different processing solutions. Besides the bridge steel structure for general application, WANTAI can also manufacture bridge steel structure for highway, railway and subway.

The main bridge steel structure applications undertaken by WANTAI are as follows


    • Cable-stayed bridges.

    • Comprehensive girder fabrication

    • Complex heavy steel bridge fabrication

    • Plate Girder

    • Wide Flange

    • Truss Bridges

    • Arch Bridges

    • Trapezoidal Tub Girders

    • Bascule Bridges

    • Lift Spans

    • Steel structure pedestrian bridge

    • Cantilever bridge

    • Platform & foot-over bridges

    • Steel Composite Girder

    • road over bridge (ROB)

    • open web girder

    • foot over bridge

    • platform bridge

    • sky bridge

Other custom steel structure bridge processing

WANTAI's range of processing in bridge steel structure:

Design | Fabrication | Surface Treatment | Detailing | Erection

If you have a steel structure bridge engineering order to be prepared, please contact our sales department for professional advice and quotation. WANTAI can provide you with professional manufacturing and processing based on drawings, whether it is simple steel structure bridge or complex composite bridge.