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Structural Steel Solutions

Structural steel is the most popular framing material for both residential and non-residential buildings in the world. Steel members, commonly referred to as beams and columns, form the skeleton of the building supporting all of the other components of the building. A steel building or a facilities often including girder, column/pole, box shape column/Section-variable H beam, ventilation building frame. Most of The above materials be available on ASTM/GB/EN/ standard or as per required.

WANTAI Structural Steel Fabrication focuses on manufacturing of various types of structural components and accessories from steel for use in construction of bridges, flyovers, multi-storied buildings, stadiums, airports, metro rail projects, industrial structures, steel plants, power plants, refineries, jetties, etc. 

WANTAI fabricates the structural elements including:



Boxes columns,





Most of the Structural Steel Fabrications can be divided in to three categories:

1. Hot Rolled Long Products like continuously produced standard size Beams and Bars from Steel Rolling Mills.

2. Pre-designed and Pre-engineered Buildings for pre-fabrication and then assembly at site. Steel pre-fabrication can be outsourced to a fabrication shop or done at site.

3. Large or Custom size Plate Fabricated Beams, Boxes, Columns and Girders, which cannot be formed by continuous process or hot rolling. These plate welded fabrications are extensively used by architects and design engineers for rapid and economic construction of bridges, flyovers, multi-storied buildings, stadiums, airports, metro rail projects.

With the right equipment and skillset, WANTAI has proven to be a consistent and quality supplier of structural steel projects, from simple column and frame support steel to circular stair towers, WANTAI has been fortunate to be involved in the supply of several large structural steel projects.

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